SE Solutions Receives 2019 DHS Small Business Achievement Award

Apr 26, 2019

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MCLEAN, Va.-- SE Solutions recently received a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 2019 Small Business Achievement Award for its outstanding collaborative work with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Exercise Information System (EXIS) transportation operators and security partners to build and sustain security preparedness initiatives that protect our nation.

More specifically, SE Solutions was recognized for its efforts to advance national security effectiveness and innovation supporting the Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program (I‑STEP). I‑STEP is a federal exercise program focused on security in our nation's transportation sector. Its mission is to enhance security and reduce risk across the transportation network. I-STEP, together with SE Solutions, collaborated to drive value for transportation partners by providing security planning tools to reduce risk to transportation systems from terrorist attacks. By promoting partnerships, agility and adaptability, and information sharing using EXIS, the team helped the Transportation Systems Sector to effectively counter enemy threats.

"We are honored and humbled to be chosen by DHS for this prestigious award," said John Wayne, President and Chief Operating Officer for SE Solutions. "By providing transportation operators and security partners with information and collaborative tools in EXIS, TSA and SE Solutions are helping industry partners reduce risk and better withstand emergencies and disasters. Our team looks forward to the continued partnership with DHS to achieve tangible results," Wayne said.

To advance global transportation security standards, the team collaborates with TSA's federal, state, local, and international representatives to provide access to transportation security best practices and lessons learned, training videos, and exercises focused on emerging threats to include:  Active Shooter, Cybersecurity, IED, and Insider Threat. "Our team is thrilled to be recognized for our support of I-STEP and their mission to protect our Nation's transportation systems. We work closely with I-STEP to provide the right tools for transportation operators and security partners to adapt transportation systems to changing threats," added David Wolf, Senior Vice President, Federal Civilian Sector for SE Solutions.

About SE Solutions 
Strategic Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (SE Solutions) is a mission-focused small business that delivers expert cybersecurity, technology, and management consulting services. The company is committed to serving federal agencies that protect and defend our nation's security, infrastructure, and citizens. For more information about SE Solutions, visit

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