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Feb 27, 2019

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TEL AVIV, Israel -- Following a year of intensive research and featuring improvements based on feedback from clients, KELA Targeted Cyber Intelligence announces the official launch of the latest update to its signature platform, RADARK. The company also introduces a new intelligence system, DARKBEAST.

“This latest release demonstrates KELA’s ongoing commitment to its global mission: Providing targeted intelligence for our clients’ needs,” said David Carmiel, Chief Research Office, KELA Targeted Cyber Intelligence, in an interview discussing the new products. “In today’s cyber threat landscape, intelligence provided to clients has proven to be worthless and irrelevant. We believe that only real-time targeted alerts can ensure the clients achieve effective results.”



Do you believe that clients are aware of the shortcomings that you’ve mentioned?

David Carmiel, CRO, KELA Targeted Cyber Intelligence: “Of course. Not too long ago, cyber defense was measured by how much budget the company would allocate to this end. Today, CEO’s are asking themselves how much money they have saved their companies by implementing and leveraging effective cyber defense systems.”

What do all of KELA’s products have in common?

“All of our products share a few core principles: First, maximum focus on the clients’ needs; Second, taking an outside look at our clients’ organizations, specifically analyzing them the way a potential hacker would, prior to an attack, which is done by adjusting to the world of the Darknet. And finally, an ideal combination of automation and analysts’ services.”

If these are your core principles, then why should KELA launch different products?

“In the past year, we have been testing our solutions across a small group of clients and gradually began noticing how those principles have a different effect on each client. We found that even similar organizations have different ways of dealing with cyber threats: There are those who dissect every piece of information, trying to understand the threat actor, the type of attack, ways to prevent it and so on. Then there are those who are only interested in the bottom line – the results of the attack and the relevant remediation processes. The third, much larger group of clients, are somewhere in between, applying different perspectives and preferences when dealing with cyber threats targeting their organizations.”

If that is so, wouldn’t every client need a different product?

"Not necessarily. Our research process enabled us to split our client base into two main groups:

The first group is interested in independent research, only interacting with the vendor when they occasionally require further information. This category mainly consists of government entities, or very large enterprises, able to conduct further research internally on the intelligence provided by KELA. The recommended platforms for them would usually be the combination of RADARK and DARKBEAST.

DARKBEAST can be best described as “The Google of the Darknet.” The system allows users to perform a real-time search in KELA’s data lake of Darknet sources. Users can run complex queries without having to filter out noise and low-quality sources, which is something KELA already does at the base of all of its products.”

If clients have access to “The Google of the Darknet”, why do they need additional products?

“Most clients are grouped in the second category; they are not interested in dedicating resources for independent searches and analysis of their intelligence. They want automatic reports on the threats that are relevant to them – as provided by RADARK. That allows them to invest their time, effort, and budget in the problems rather than the entire process.

This large segment of KELA’s client base has been using RADARK for several years, benefiting from its proven ability to prevent cyber-attacks and fraudulent activities. For them, we’re offering a major upgrade to RADARK. The latest version is designed to fit any organization, allowing users to fully manage their intelligence via a unified feed, understand the organization’s attack surface, interact with other users via the dashboard, and receive alerts and notifications about intelligence updates. Clients can now use RADARK in the way that best suits them ensuring to provide the most efficient and effective cyber protection to any organization.”

Can you elaborate on some of the new features?

“Going into every detail of every feature that was added or improved would probably take a while, but there are key changes worth mentioning.

Our research shows that many of our clients would like to have access to interpret and manage the intelligence on their own. Users can now re-arrange their intelligence by adjusting various aspects of the incidents targeting their organizations and filtering specific findings as they see fit.

As the new version of RADARK features a unified intelligence dashboard, users can now access all of their intelligence in one place and get a clear overview of new and hot information - the ideal combination between their threat landscape and the attack surface.

Lastly, RADARK is now multi-user compatible, allowing each user inside the organization to communicate and indicate whether an incident is read, handled or requires further research. The commenting feature enables a more in-depth discussion on intelligence, supporting both internal communication and a direct channel to consulate with KELA’s analysts.

And, of course, these are just a few of the various new and improved features.”

Are RADARK and DARKBEAST complementary to one another or two separate solutions?

“Great question. It all depends on the preferences and needs of the clients; some organizations could certainly benefit from the added value of using both platforms simultaneously.

KELA does offer the Intelligence SOC, a comprehensive solution that combines these platforms together, providing a balanced synchronization between RADARK, DARKBEAST and other internal platforms. But this is a topic for another conversation…”


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